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The official Lakshadweep Tourism website emphasizes that obtaining prior permission is intended to protect the indigenous Scheduled Tribes, who make up around 95% of the territory’s population.

About Lakshadweep

The name of India’s tiniest Union Territory means “100,000 islands” in Malayalam, the local language; but in truth, there are 36 isles in this archipelago, 10 which are inhabited. In these palm-laden coral islands, a northern extension of the Maldives, diving reigns supreme. Both Kavaratti and Kadmat have full-service scuba facilities, and the latter also has a center for kayaking, water skiing, yachting, and windsurfing. Teardrop-shaped Bangaram woos couples with its uninhabited white sands.

Explore the breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches that await you in Lakshadweep. Understand why this destination is a hidden gem for travelers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent trip to the tranquil archipelago of Lakshadweep has generated considerable interest throughout India. His suggestion to transform the Union Territory into a hub for adventure and tourism has rekindled curiosity about this concealed treasure located in the Laccadive Seas off the coast of Kerala.

Lakshadweep is a beautiful tropical destination with 36 coral islands, known for stunning beaches and vibrant marine life. It’s a perfect spot for a holiday, but visitors need to be aware of important rules for entering.

According to the rules from 1967, people from outside Lakshadweep must get a permit to visit. This includes foreigners, except for government officials, armed forces, and their families.

Foreign tourists must have a valid passport and an Indian visa to enter India, which includes Lakshadweep.

The rules are in place to protect the local tribes, who make up about 95% of the population, and you can find more information on the official Lakshadweep Tourism website.

As per the regulations of the 1967 rule, the entry permit form is available online and requires submission to the administrator. The application fee stands at 50 rupees per applicant, with an additional heritage fee of 100 rupees for children aged 12 to 18 and 200 rupees for individuals over 18 years old.

Prospective Indian visitors need to furnish a Police Clearance Certificate from the Commissioner of Police of their respective district in India. Additionally, applicants must provide a self-attested photocopy of their ID card along with three passport-size photographs.

Upon permit approval, travelers are required to submit the permit upon arrival in Lakshadweep, facilitating their exploration of this captivating archipelago.

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